The latest technology for butterfly valves from Belimo is especially designed for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology and fully meets all of its requirements. Butterfly valve/actuator combinations are available in DN 25 to DN 700 for 2-way open/close and modulating control applications, 3-way combinations for changeover and control applications from DN 150 to DN 300.

The most intelligent butterfly valve on the market

Belimo butterfl y valves can be used universally as tight-closing
2-way and 3-way valves for open/close, changeover, and control
applications (as mixing and diverting valves). This fl exibility is guaranteed by the energy-effi cient and multifunctional PR actuators.

Product range
Open/close butterfly valves

DN 25...700
kvmax 50...42,800 
Wafer type and lug type flange

Changeover butterfly valves

DN 150...300
kvmax 1,100...4,700  
Lug type flange

2-way control butterfly valves

DN 25...700
kvs 24...11,760
Wafer type and lug type flange

3-way control butterfly valves

DN 150...300
kvs 400...1,700  
Lug type flange

Advantages of Belimo butterfly valves
Flexible field applications

One solution for all applications

In contrast to globe valves, Belimo butterfl y valves are intended for universal use in isolation, changeover and control applications.

Absolute tightness

No leakage due to butterfly valve design

The unique valve design reliably prevents internal leakage in the closed state and thus inadvertent consumption with zero load

Energy-saving design

Innovative butterfl y valve and actuator technology

The power consumption of an actuator appears to be negligible at
fi rst glance

Transparent communication

The fact that the butterfly valve actuator is communicative means that it offers several advantages in terms of commissioning and maintenance

Seamless sensor integration

Temperature sensors can be easily connected to the communicative PR actuators to create an optimised system. Two measurement inputs for active and passive sensors provide precise measurement

High operating safety

Thanks to its IP66/67 degree of protection, the actuator is suitable for outdoor usage and is protected against UV radiation, rain, snow, dirt, dust and humidity