Compact, heat-resistant and tight-closing 2-way and 3-way types – motorised with energy-efficient rotary actuators. The practice-proven ball valves are fitted with Belimo's characterised disc and guarantee a valve characteristic curve with equal percentage.

Highly reactive temperature control

Belimo's proven characterised control valves provide valuable services wherever temperatures must be controlled quickly and accurately. Motorised with fast running actuators, they guarantee maximum efficiency and fast response times in all control loops.

Product range
DN 15...50

2-way and 3-way
kvs 0.09...58 m3/h
Internal thread, external thread, flange

DN 65...150

kvs 63...320 m3/h

DN 10...20

kvs 0.3...16 m3/h
External thread

Advantages of Belimo characterised control valves
Absolute seal integrity

All-in-one: Control valve and isolation valve

No activation and no energy loss at zero load

Optimum flow characteristic

Excellent control stability across the
entire opening range

Reduced tendency of the system to

Best possible comfort with lowest
possible energy consumption

Excellent control characteristics

High rangeability

Superior controllability in the opening range

No holding torque necessary

Simpler selection of actuators

Actuator size not dependent on differential pressure

Inexpensive and energy-efficient actuators

Reduced weight

Simple material transport to and at the installation site

Fast installation

Reduced installation costs

Low installation height

Reduced space requirement

Enables flexible installation

Reduced energy consumption

Lower energy costs

Less expensive electrical installation

Self-cleaning ball design

No sticking


Customer advantages
General contractors / investors

Your focus is on the profitability of buildings. This not only includes investment costs, but also costs during ongoing operation / servicing. Sustainability and cost transparency are important to you. Belimo characterised control valves offer:

  • Tested quality for over 40 years
  • Reduced current consumption compared to conventional valves, which contributes to LEED certification
  • Tight-closing characterised control valves prevent valve leakages and thereby energy losses
  • 5-year guarantee on all Belimo products
Consulting engineers

Planning HVAC systems is your core competence. You are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative ways to save energy and improve room climate. You work with the most modern methods and use data from suppliers / manufacturers for your planning. Belimo characterised control valves offer:

  • 0% leakage rate for increased plant efficiency 
  • Spring-return actuators and fail-safe actuators open or close the valve in the event of a power failure
  • Tight isolation up to 16 bar to ensure reliable operation
  • Kvs values are similar to globe valves of the same size that do not require additional system design
System integrators

Your task is to design building management systems and optimally integrate field devices. Your goal is to reduce complexity and ensure transparency for the continuous optimisation of building technology. Belimo characterised control valves offer:

  • Easy selection, mounting, and hassle-free service
  • Tight isolation up to 16 bar to ensure reliable operation 
  • Combines the high isolation capabilities of a ball valve with a specialised disc that ensures an equal percentage flow characteristic to meet specification requirements
  • MF models with on-site selectable control and feedback signal, and running time match design sequences and controller requirements
Building owners

Improvements in comfort and energy consumption as well as simple building expansions and upgrades are a constant challenge for you. Optimising your HVAC system with the least possible effort and low costs is in the main focus. Belimo characterised control valves offer:

  • Characterised control valve technology prevents clogging due to debris and ensures flow is maintained in heating and cooling systems
  • Tight isolation up to 14 bar ensures reliable operation
  • Equal percentage flow characteristic provides optimal coil control 
  • Brushless DC motor technology offers accurate and quiet operation to maintain a comfortable building environment
Facility managers / Building maintenance

Management, control and operation of buildings and their technical equipment is part of your daily tasks. You seek solutions to ensure room comfort and optimise system operation. You value simple and transparent systems and, if necessary, quick delivery of spare parts and support available at all times. Belimo characterised control valves offer:

  • 0% leakage rate for increased plant efficiency and building comfort
  • Control with equal percentage valve characteristic curve prevents "hunting" of the control loop, increasing the life span of actuator and valve
  • Characterised control valve technology prevents clogging due to debris and ensures flow is maintained in heating and cooling systems
  • Easy selection, mounting, and maintenance for improvement projects or retrofits 
  • Fast delivery and online technology