T-ION temperature controllers can be used to manage a variety of heating systems . Advanced control strategies are available for optimized performance. A comprehensive set of templates assure easy start-up.


Along with outside temperature compensation, T-ION offers a wide range of advanced functions. Mixing valve control and DHWS control assures maximum comfort levels with minimum energy consumption. Soft start function prevents pipe noise problems during startup. Pump and valve de-blocking functions and freeze protection assures safe and trouble free operation. Automatic summer/winter changeover.


T-ION can be configured to control two level burner, mixing valve, circulation pump, DHWS pump and a by-pass pump. All the parameters are set using the buttons and display on the controller. Instead of setting all the parameters from scratch, templates are available for a wide range of common systems. Predefined settings can then be optimized for the applied system. The configurations are saved in non-volatile memory, thus preconfiguration is possible prior to shipment.

Time schedules

Time schedules allow the system to be operated on desired periods. Weekly programming is possible. Independent schedules are available for heating and DHWS.

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