R/TIO modules provide a powerful input/output solution for Ontrol's R-ION series programmable touch-screen controllers. With the R/TIO module, the installation on the wall-unit side is greatly simplified, as the IO module can be located close to the terminal unit being controlled, with only comms wiring into the R-ION wall unit. The mains powered versions eliminate the need for additional power-supplies or transformers further reducing cost and installation labor.


8x Universal Inputs : Universal inputs are compatible with

  • passive sensors (Pt1000, NTC),
  • active sensors (0-10Vdc)
  • voltage-free contacts (DI)

See the datasheet for allowed types on each input.

4x Modulating Outputs : 0-10VDC analog outputs allow controlling modulating actuators.

Two of these points can be configured to function as digital inputs!


R/TIO modules host a battery backed-up real-time-clock. Therefore, weekly time schedules can be implemented locally, fully configurable from the connected R-ION or remotely from a supervisory system.

5x Relay Outputs : Five relay outputs are provided, each with 5A rating.

2x Triac Outputs : Flexible configuration options are provided, allowing control of on/off, thermo-electric (PWM) or floating actuators. The triacs can also be independently configured to control individual loads.

Expansion port : Up to two RK4 relay modules can be connected to the device with a ribbon cable, providing up to a total of 8 additional relay outputs

Connection Diagram & Schematic