Ontrol, headquartered in Turkey, boasts a global presence and has been a trusted leader in designing and manufacturing automation and control products for HVAC applications for over 60 years. Collaborating with renowned global partners in the smart buildings sector, we deliver integrated building management solutions to resellers, systems partners, contractors, developers, and building owners worldwide.

Our comprehensive range of services caters to the specific needs of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. With a focus on comfort control, energy efficiency, safety, security and facilities management, we provide bespoke designs tailored to each client's requirements. Our extensive portfolio includes over 3000 successfully completed installations including airports, hotels, hospitals, office facilities, shopping centers, residential units, factories and more.

As pioneers in adopting Tridium’s Niagara Framework®, a comprehensive open software platform, we empower intelligent and efficient operations in buildings, data centers, manufacturing systems, smart cities and beyond. By seamlessly integrating diverse monitoring, control, and automation systems, our solutions facilitate enhanced communication and collaboration.

Ontrol's commitment to sustainability extends beyond our products. We continuously invest in research and development to lead sustainable building practices. Collaborating with industry partners and leveraging emerging technologies, we drive innovation in the field of smart, sustainable buildings.


Ontrol traces its roots back to 1963. With this rich history, we have amassed a great amount of experience and know-how in automation and control systems, smart buildings and IoT technologies.


Our scope of operations is extensive and cover all phases of automation systems delivery. We develop products and software, provide services from system design and planning to commissioning, run training courses, distribute parts and components, carry out inspection and maintenance works... 


Ontrol is singularly focused on building automation systems. Having all our resources are dedicated to a single area of expertise allows us to pursue our passion with no compromises.

With over 3000 successfully completed references, our installations around the World include airports, hotels, hospitals, office facilities, shopping centers, residential units, factories and alike.

Main Product Lines
Niagara Framework

Ontrol is a Platinum Tridium distributor and developer. With several certified Niagara engineers as well as developers, we are able to provide extensive services and support.

Edge Controllers

Ontrol's extensive experience with the Niagara Framework allowed us to develop a range of controllers and input/output modules optimized to extend and compliment the framework.

These include open-protocol IP-based programmable controllers, touch-screen graphic displays and more...

Valves and Actuators

Ontrol is a major distributor of the complete Belimo range of valves and actuators since 1985.

The Belimo offering has expanded significantly over the years, now including an extensive field equipment range including sensors.

Ontrol is uniquely positioned to provide best-of-class service and support for this range.

Ontrol at a glance
60 Years in Control

Ontrol is your dependable partner. Our long history speaks for itself. We've been around for well over half a century and you can rely on us to be here when you need us for premium support, comprehensive solutions, prompt delivery...

Family Business

Ontrol is a proud family business. Founded by Ünver Egrikavuk in 1963, the company is now under 2nd generation management, and already laying ground for the upcoming next gen. We strike a good balance between an agile work environment that can respond flexibly to customer demands and a financially rigid and sound corporate structure.

Experienced Team

Our long and illustrious history assures that we have great people serving you with plenty experience. Training is an important part of our corporate culture. We have so far trained over 500 people. Most Niagara Framework capable people in our primary markets have been trained by Ontrol.

Product Development

Ontrol has been a developer since 1978. Our current range is extensive, including control valves, actuators, sensors and programmable controllers. We are especially experienced in open protocols with expertise including BACnet, Modbus, DALI, KNX, MQTT and much more.

Software Development

In addition to developing advanced software and firmware for our products, we have been an official certified Tridium Niagara Framework developer since 2004. We provide modules, drivers and kits that extend the framework for a better user experience. 

Strong Portfolio

We offer our partners a very strong and diversified portfolio of products that can be delivered from stock with very short delivery times. Our partners for distribution include Tridium, Honeywell, Belimo, Dwyer, Beck, Sontay and Produal.

Project Execution

While out systems are most often delivered to clients through trained partners, there are instances and areas where we sell and commission projects directly. This unique approach allows us to maintain our tight relationship to field conditions and incorporate first-hand feedback from real-life experiences into our product development. Over 3000 successfully completed references include airports, hotels, hospitals, offices, shopping centers, residential units, industrial facilities...

Worldwide Presence

 Ontrol operates in a very wide geography. Our products and systems are installed all the way from the Americas in the West to Australia in the East. In some markets, we are the dominating supplier of building management systems by a wide margin.

Tridium Platinum Partner

As one of the first apostles and a Platinum Partner of Tridium Niagara Framework® - a comprehensive open software platform for the development and deployment of connected products and device-to-enterprise applications - Ontrol solutions allow diverse monitoring, control and automation systems to communicate and collaborate in buildings, data centers, manufacturing systems, smart cities and more.