R-ION series products are programmable room controllers ideal for managing a wide range of individual building products such as fan-coil units and VAV boxes.

Extremely flexible customization options are available thanks to configurable color touchscreen, full programmability, custom logo possibility and various styles and color options.

The unit has no on-board inputs & outputs, but is able to connect to a multitude of external IO, thanks to multiple communication ports and protocols. Integrated temperature sensor is standard on all versions. The unit can also be ordered in a temperature plus relative humidity sensing configuration.

In addition to basic fan-speed and temperature settings, lighting controls can easily be integrated, as well as custom application specific functions (e.g. Do Not Disturb / Make Up Room buttons for hotel rooms).

NOTE: The R-ION is now being superseded by the new ORION.

Color touch-screen display

R-ION's color touch-screen display is endlessly customizable. Multiple pages are supported with numerous widget types. Any image (jpg, png, gif, bmp) can be used.

Standard widgets types are available to display and interact with dynamic text, images, buttons - even editable weekly time schedules. The user-interface can be made as simple or complex as desired - only limited by imagination.


Multiple Communication Ports / Protocols

R-ION controllers support various industry standard protocols simultaneously.

Up to 4 ports are available and the device may be communicating over 4 different protocols at the same time.

Internally programmed logic can use inputs from and drive outputs on any connected device on any port. All data from all connected devices are made available to a supervisory system.


Main Bus

The main bus (Port 1) is typically used for supervisory system communication. This is either serial RS485 or KNX TP depending on basic version.

Auxiliary Ports

Additionally, one or more of the following auxiliary communication ports will be available:

  • Second RS485 port (Modbus & DMX drivers available)
  • Belimo MP-Bus port
  • DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) port

Programming Tools

Niagara Framework compatibility was a priority in the design, therefore the R-ION can be directly programmed from within the Niagara Workbench (N4 version coming soon).

But Ontrol is also developing an alternative, stand-alone browser based programming interface.

Both tools can be used to program graphics pages, as well as control logic that executes directly on the device. Furthermore, provisioning, backup and restore functions are also implemented within the tools.

Two frame styles

The R-ION is available in two frame styles. The original smaller frame (style 1) can be supplied in white or black.

The newer frame (style 2) presents a more contemporary look, with white or black acrylic glass bezel. Other inset options can be available on demand, including other colors and finishes (e.g. wood, metal, brass..)


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Hotel room automation

Hotel guest room automation demo at OneSight Solutions offices in Yateley, UK