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P-ION Sedona Programmable Controller


P-ION series products are universal programmable controllers that can be used to manage a variety of building systems including heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. Basic and advanced control strategies can be programmed by Sedona Framework™  for optimized performance.

Universal Inputs

All universal inputs can be configured as analog or voltage free digital inputs.

Analog inputs are optimized for resistive type temperature sensors (e.g. PT1000) and 0-10 VDC devices. 13 bit A/D converters assure high resolution measurements. For 4-20 mA input signals, external 500 Ohm resistors are required.

All inputs are protected against short circuits to ground and against direct connection up to 50 VAC.

Flex Points

All flex I/O points can be configured as analog output, digital input or pulse input.

Analog outputs are used to control 0(2)-10V valve and damper actuators, humidifiers, frequency drives, etc. Convertor relay boards can be used to drive on/off loads.

All outputs are protected against short circuits to ground and against direct connection up to 50 VAC.

Optional Relay Board Extension

Two relay modules (RK-4) can be connected by ribbon cable to provide a total of 8 additional relay outputs at 10A. Further RK4 relay modules can be driven by flex-outputs to convert analog outputs to relay outputs.


The P-ION can communicate over TCP/IP and/or RS485 busses.


Developed by Tridium, Sedona is the industry's first, open source development framework that provides a complete software platform for developing, deploying, integrating, and managing pervasive device applications. It brings the power of programmable control and the Internet down to edge devices. Sedona distributes decision making control and manageability to any device and brings intelligence and connectivity to the network edge and back.

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