Ontrol Niagara Modules

Ontrol provides a number of modules to enhance Niagara Framework functionality. Most of these are free-to-use unconditionally.

historyEx Provides a custom boolean COV history proxy extension for a better display in chart views.
kitOntrol General purpose components and extensions
kitOntrolLon Components and extensions for improving lonworks functionality
- Custom components for improved SnvtSwitch type network variable compatibility
- Custome extensions fro better handling of device replace and reset operations
ontBacnetUtil Extended point manager to handle BACnet Structured View object type. Very useful if using smart BACnet drivers on OntrolSedona controllers (enables discovery of any component/property on the app through BACnet)
ontModbusKit Custom component for time syncronization to Ontrol sedona devices through BACnet
ontrolMigrate for migration AX stations with Ontrol modules to N4
ontGenibus Driver for genibus connection to Grundfos pumps. Requires a license.