OEM Solutions

Ontrol provides a suite of products that cater to OEM requirements exceptionally well. 

The color touch-screen controller R-ION is a product with no real competition. Being fully programmable, it can be adapted to any use-case, only limited by your imagination. Our OEM partners have customized the R-ION for use with their  products and systems to offer as part of thir portfolio. The graphics can be customized for any application, but beyond that, the device offers a unique advantage by being able to run freely-programmable control logic internally. 

Thanks to multiple communication protocol support, it can easily integrate with preferred systems and I/O modules. It has support for open protocols BACnet, modbus, KNX, DALI, DMX and MP-Bus. Even proprietary protocols drivers can be developed with little effort.

We provide extensive customization support to OEM customers, including programming and labeling.

Where physical inputs are required, Ontrol can supply a range of modules with high adaptability. See our EDGE Controllers range.