New Sedona Bundle Release

Make sure you download the new bundle to take advantage of several bug-fixes, new features and improvements.

Here is a quick summary of important changes:

  • BACnet kit
    - Added Utc Time synchronization from master BACnet device
    - Added Time Schedules synchronization from master BACnet device
    - Added point discovery from Niagara
    This last feature is real cool. It lets you discover any slot on anycomponent on the device and add it as a proxy point, right on the point manager view. Works with both AX and N4. Works with both BACnet IP and MSTP. Works with both P-ION and R-ION devices. And you need to add and configure only a single component to enable that. (expect a future mail shot dedicated to this feature only.)
  • DALI kit
    - Added support to parse non-standard DALI telegrams (e.g. 3-bytes long)
    - Added 'toggle' input slot to BooleanWritable types

  • ModbusTcp Master kit
    New kit. Previously, we had ModbusTcp Slave. Now, with this addition, it is easy to share data between Sedona IP devices directly.
    This complements our suite of driver kits including BACnet IP, BACnet MSTP, Modbus RTU master, Modbus RTU slave, Modbus TCP master, Modbus TCP slave - not to mention more exotic possibilities like being able to share data over DALI bus.

  • ModbusSlaveSmart kit
    Added support for readMultipleRegisters, writeMultipleRegisters commands.

  • New ox widgets for the R-ION touch-screen controller (ontrolOx kit)
    - New widget to display and edit time-of-day
    - New widget to display and edit date
    - New widget to display and edit weekly time schedules

  • OntrolModbusUtil module for Niagara (AX and N4)
    New module.Provides a special component to synchronize date & time to slave R-IONs over modbus.
    OntrolBacnetUtil module for for Niagara (AX and N4)
    New module. Adds structured_view object type support to standard Point Manager View, enabling discovery of Sedona components/properties as BACnet objects.

  • New P-ION firmware
    - Increase serial buffer size to support BACnet MSTP
    - IP comms stability improvements

  • New R-ION firmware
    - Improvements related to DALI comms
    - Add features to Service Mode, enabling device to host multiple apps and allowing the user to select among them.

These are only highlights, the changes are not limited to these. So make sure you are using the latest versions.

Download the latest Ontrol Sedona bundle here.
Download the P-ION firmware update here.
Download the R-ION firmware update here.